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Do you know how to train your staff to get the best out of G Suite for your business? A lot of business owners don’t take the time to train staff, team members arn’t maximising the benefits of G Suite.

Mistakes are made which cost your business a lot of $$. You lose your competitive edge and your team aren’t working as effectively as they could be, again costing you money.

Upskilling your staff with the knowledge and the tools on how to best use the applications, means not only will they find better ways of doing things, they’ll also enjoy it a lot more!

Ultimately you get results quicker, staff are happier and you’ll be ahead of your competitors.


G Suite Specialist Trainer

Adrian Cosman-Jones

G Suite Specialist at Onsite Helper

Adrian has been a G Suite partner for the past 10 years, over this time Adrian and his team have migrated over 400 businesses with 6,000 end users to G suite, many of which were in the building & construction industry.

Adrians experience has lead him to know what works great for improving collaboration end efficiencies and how to ensure the businesses keep their data secure.


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